Is your business growing?

Business growth is the lifeline of every business. Needless to say that the spirit of a growing business is more positive than a business in decline. If you are searching for new ideas and ways to grow your business then we should talk. Irrespective of the fact that you might be looking to drive more growth or are in need of a turnaround. We can get to the core of what the issues are or what you need to do to accelerate growth.

Are you measuring the right metrics?

Many factors have an influence on the growth of your business. Have you identified your so-called “North Star Metric” ? The single metric that best captures the core value that your product delivers to customers. Do you know what it requires to influence the factors that influence that single most important metric? If not or only partially, then we can help you isolate the growing factors and develop fresh ideas how to generate more business growth.

Want to expand to Europe or the USA?

Europe offers huge opportunities but also immense challenges. If you want to expand your business to Europe and require help to do so then we should talk. We help companies expand their business to Europe with a proven 7 step process. This process identifies the pitfalls, avoids costly mistakes and delivers the best options for market entry.

Require new ideas to grow your business?

One of the main challenges for business owners and senior managers is to find time to work “on” their business and not only “in” their business. Everybody is very busy and chasing targets for this month or current period. But what about next month or next year or the future for that matter? Do you have the right growth concept to secure the future?

Need to acquire new customers?

Every successful business has an effective method to acquire new customers and develop existing customers. It doesn´t matter how good you or your products and services are, if customers do not find you or if you cannot find customers, you will fail. Most companies struggle with this very challenging part of their business.


We can also help you if you want to expand your business to the USA. The same process will ensure that we identify the best approach and help you start your business in the right state to ensure that you profit from the huge opportunities which America offers and overcome the challenges attached with your venture.


Coming up with new ideas and seeing things from a distance and also through the eyes of the customer is not easy. We can help you to objectively look at your business and put things into perspective. This will provide you with clarity, new ideas and inspire you to take action and to “Do the right things – the right way“. This is our philosophy to help you make the right decisions and execute your strategy the right way to accelarate business growth.


You can only grow your business by doing 3 things: “Generate more profit from existing sales“, “Sell more to existing customers” or “Grow your customer base“. There are many ways to do each of the above or even combine them but one very effective way to grow your business is to acquire more new customers.
This is where we can help you!


Expand your business to Europe or the USA

Facing the challenge of expanding to Europe or the USA can be tough if you want to go it alone. Searching for the right partner to guide you through the “fog” of uncertainty on foreign terrain can be the first step on your journey. We have the expertise and the network to help you decide your approach and market entry strategy based on providing you with clarity and facts to avoid costly mistakes.

Accelerate growth of your business

Very often the main reason for lack of business growth can be summed in one word. “FOCUS“.

It is easy to become sidetracked by the many challenges and also opportunities that dynamic markets offer. Understanding whether your business is growing at the pace it should be can be challenging. By creating clarity around the main factors that drive growth in your business, it becomes possible to focus on the right aspects and to eliminate the burden of components that restrain growth.

Find new clients with a proven acquisition process

Nobody likes cold calling! It takes time, can be frustrating and very ineffective. Isn´t it better to speak to people that not only need your products and services BUT want them? We can get you talking to the right clients that want to speak to you. This will increase your effectivity and effectiveness by spending your time on this part of the lead generation and customer acquisition process.


Business Expansion

We have 2 key focus regions.

Business expansion to Europe with:


or to the USA with:


We help our clients with market entry strategies and can support you with the execution to avoid costly mistakes.

Make use of our international experience, know-how and network to expand your business outside of your core market.

We will help you make the right decisions and ensure with a proven step by step process that you find the right way and right market to expand your business.

Business growth

The way we look at things to understand every business we deal with is that in virtually all cases there is a 80/20 situation. The so-called Pareto principle states that 20% of the invested effort is responsible for 80% of the achieved results. Alternatively stated, 80% of the consequences result from 20% of the causes.

With our BizGro module we can help you understand which part of your business efforts is resulting in growth and which part is not. It might be the case that 20% of your products are contributing to 80% of your sales or that 80% of your sales efforts are only resulting in 20% of your sales.

By acid testing your business model and developing a strategic approach to increase your competitiveness in the market place it becomes possible to move your focus to the right aspects that will deliver business growth and ensure that you reduce or remove components that are causing drag on your growth rate.

Customer acquisition

With our lead generation and customer relation management process we can streamline your acquisition process. Modern solutions enable a high degree of automation to increase productivity. Let us show you how you can implement a process using the best tools for your business to generate more leads, increase conversion rates and develop your business with your customer base.

Our LeadGen+ process is based on helping you with a solution that becomes part of your sales approach. It can be implemented for one sales champion or for your sales team as a whole. We will train you to manage the process autonomously and partner with you to constantly improve it and ensure that you get a high return on your investment with a constant flow of high quality leads and effective sales process management.

We can help you …

Peter Hattingh

Peter Hattingh

Founder, CEO of Styleau Inc.

Styleau Inc. is based in California, USA. We are a full service business consultancy and focus on helping our clients expand their business to Europe or the USA, grow their business with fresh ideas and strategies or find new leads to grow their business.

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